Generally, excessive intake of anything is wrong – even water. Sugar is not a bad guy par-say, in fact, we all need a certain amount of it daily, for proper functioning. But when you take too much of it, it becomes unhealthy. We should also note that all classes of food (carbohydrates, proteins, fat and oil…) are eventually broken down into tiny “sugar molecules”.
In healthy individuals, these molecules are well handled by the metabolic hormones – especially insulin. Problems start when you take more sugar (or eat more food) than your insulin can handle. The excess sugar molecules are then converted to “fat molecules” which are stored in the liver. There is also a limit to the amount of fat the liver can store. Any excess beyond that limit is pushed back into your system. They get lodged under your skin and around your internal organ; which begets obesity, diabetes etc.
The worst case scenario is when these fats lodge in the blood vessels, resulting in inflammation and disruption of blood flow, known as atherosclerosis. When this happens in the brain, it causes stroke; in the heart, it causes myocardial infarction (heart attack)…..
As we know that penile erection is all about blood rushing into the phallus, leading to engorgement and turgidity, imagine if anything should impede the flow of blood down there… Yes, you guessed right!
Looking at it from another angle, excessive sugary foods with low fiber content can result in constipation. Constipation will result in chronic straining of your pelvic muscles when you defaecate. This can lead to chronic backache. Weakness of pelvic muscles plus backache will reduce your ability to perform pelvic thrusting during the act of coitus…
The only solution (and prevention) is to eat right. Alcohol, energy drinks and herbal concoctions will only give you a temporary illusion of well-being. They may, in fact, worsen the situation. So, yeah, eat and drink, but do so with moderation. 


Author: Khadijah Sanni-Tijani

Khadijah is a young Nigerian woman, a muslim, a wife, a mum, a doctor and a blogger. She was born and raised in Ibadan, Nigeria. She is currently practising in Saudi Arabia.

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