Hello ladies! let’s have a quick chat
You’re pregnant now, wow, congrats!
Go to the pharmacy and get your vitamins
Take folic acid daily, please by all means

Avoid taking drugs without prescription
Don’t come anywhere close to X-radiation
Register early for antenatal care
Never miss any appointment, my dear

Pay attention to the things you eat
This is not the time for junks and sweet
Fruits and vegetables will prevent constipation
Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration

Eat bit by bit, avoid heavy meals at night
Prop up your pillows, so you can sleep tight
Don’t sit for too long, try to exercise
Talk short walks and do Kegel’s exercise

Know the flag signs; don’t take things for granted:
Continuous pain and bleeding are not expected.
Notice the rate at which your baby is kicking
If this decreases, seek help, but no panicking.

When you feel labour pains, consult your doctor
So that you won’t be delivered by a bus conductor!


Author: Khadijah Sanni-Tijani

Khadijah is a young Nigerian woman, a muslim, a wife, a mum, a doctor and a blogger. She was born and raised in Ibadan, Nigeria. She is currently practising in Saudi Arabia.

One thought on “HEALTHY BUMPS”

  1. Salam aleikum hajia!

    Good morning ma, how was ur night and family, may Almighty Allah continued easy ur affairs.
    Without not taking to much of ya time ma, I just want to drink little much upon what Allah bestowed on u ma. May He continued add more to ya knowledge. Amin

    However, my question goes in d field of postnatal period of a women, and it’s blood.
    1. How many days was medically show for it to be done and after 41 days and the blood didn’t stop, what may cause it and what was it’s cure?.
    2. Secondly, is their any risk for resuming to other room in those period and if yes, what was the risk, is it for d man or d woman?.

    3. Thirdly, is my own personal issue, am blessed with Allah’s Rahma in which what many people used to buy drugs or drink energy passion upon, Allah gave me without paying sisi, what am saying is this ma, my manhood always ask for its food even without my concept in it, and once it started worried me not until I find solution to it, is then that I will have rest. And as Allah warned us not to near Zina talkles of doing it, I dnt use to it, only restrict to my wife always, and my wife is a type that, she hate calling her to Za Oza room. Firstly, she wil saying, she fear having pregnant and likewise I dnt use to gold – cycle bcuz I dnt feel anything once applied it. Again the withdraw method mentioned in the Quran should be d best but a times ehn, it’s not easy to stand up, hope u can understand what I mean.

    Pls ma, share me more knowledge about those issues, even if it was luck that u re in Ilorin ni, I will come to u in camera to gain the knowledge in person.

    My regards!
    Jazakumllah khayran ma


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